Thinking of Trinity?

Welcome back!

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been in finals mode for the past few weeks  trying to get high marks! On the topic of grades, I figured I would go into some of the nitty gritty details about studying at Trinity, before jumping into some of the more fun stuff.

So you’re thinking about studying at Trinity? Amazing choice, I like the way you think. When reflecting back on my time applying for studying abroad, there are a few tidbits I figured I would share with you that would have been helpful to know when weighing my options. 


First: HC students are required to go to Trinity three weeks before first semester classes to participate in a pre semester module called the Semester Start-Up. This program teaches you all about Irish history, takes you on a bunch of field trips, and provides you with the opportunity to meet a bunch of other study abroad students before everyone arrives on campus. No need to stress, the class is super laid back and honestly is one of my favorite parts of last semester. We visited some amazing places, Glendalough being my favorite (i swear that place is magical). Plus, it allowed us to get accustomed to the city and the school way before everyone else came, so basically we were experts by the time the semester rolled around.


Glendalough lake
Glendalough lake
Picture of me chilling in a tree at Glendalough
Chilling on a tree in Glendalough











Second: You are only allowed to take classes in the areas of study you get accepted into. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when applying for different study abroad programs, in my humble opinion. So for me, I knew that I needed to take a bunch of Psychology classes for my major, as well as complete my Cross-Cultural and Religion common area requirements. Thus, I made sure to apply for Psychology, Religion, and Art History on my Trinity application on “areas of study”, that way I could stay on track for completing my degree on time. The only hiccup was that I wasn’t accepted into the Statistics area of study, but thankfully I had planned my degree timeline accordingly so I didn’t need to take any classes for my minor this year. So, if you have specific requirements you need to get done, keep this in mind. Trinity isn’t like Holy Cross where you can take classes in any field, as you have to apply directly to each school of study and get approved to be able to take their classes. 

SSP friends at the Hill of Tara!
SSP friends at the Hill of Tara
Picture of my friend holding the fake trophy at Croke Park
Croke Park!!












Third: Class structures are widely different than at Holy Cross. Rather than having smaller classes that meet two or three times a week, you typically have one class that meets for 50 minutes a week, with about 70 or more students in that one lecture. Additionally, some of these classes will also have smaller seminars that meet every other week, which take more of the Holy Cross approach of discussion based learning. For me, this was part of the appeal to go to Trinity, as I wanted to challenge myself to take on learning in a different setting. Plus, rather than getting multiple weekly assignments throughout the semester, many classes only have one or two grades total, and you get weekly readings to do on your own. So the dynamic here is widely different from Holy Cross, as there is a lot of independent work that adds up to your one chance of proving you paid attention all semester.


Those are just some of the key information that I figured would be vital when thinking about coming here! Now that I have the foundational ideas out of the way, I’ll be sure to jump into some of the fun stuff next time. If you have any questions about Trinity, feel free to shoot me an email! 


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First Weeks in Dublin

Welcome back everyone!

To kickstart this blog, I figured I would do a recap of my first few weeks in Dublin, talking about the move-in process and some fun adventures I did along the way. 

Photo of an Aer Lingus screen from my plane saying "Thank you for Flying"
Photo of my screen from my flight to Ireland

My mom and my uncle flew with me to move me in to the start of this lovely academic year. We took an overnight flight from JFK to Dublin Airport, which meant we landed two days before the start of the Semester-Start Up Program (this is an early start class Trinity runs for students before the semester). This year, HC students were put into very nice accommodations about a 20 minute walk away from campus. Although it would have been nice to live on campus, this accommodation is super nice and also allowed me to get to know other parts of the city well. My biggest advice for those who do this program is to buy everything here, because it is so easy to grab everything you need from home stores like Dunnes and TKMaxx. If you find any of the student packages online that can be sent to your accommodations, do not buy them, because chances are they won’t come in time (unfortunately I’m speaking from experience). 

Photo of Trim Castle in Ireland
Photo of Trim Castle in Ireland

So after we gathered bedding and towels and toiletries despite the package hiccup, we explored the city a little bit, and I prepped for my first week of the Start-Up Program. This week was great, as we learned a lot about Irish history and were taken on a field trip to Trim Castle, which is where my header picture is from! I met some amazing people from all over, including Canada, Australia, and a lot of Americans from various states.



Photo of the Notre Dame marching band during halftime at Aviva Stadium in Dublin
ND marching band during halftime

Once my mom and uncle left, my dad and some extended family members flew to Dublin for a very exciting American football game. Notre Dame football was playing Navy at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, and my family ensured that they bought tickets when they found out I was applying to study abroad at Trinity. 



Photo from the boygenius concert in Dublin
Boygenius live

On top of an American football game, I went to a concert at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital venue! Back in April, I bought concert tickets to see boygenius with my HC friend doing the same study abroad program. By the time the concert rolled around, we managed to convince a bunch of our friends we met from the Semester-Start Up to also buy tickets, so we all had a blast together listening to some great music at a historic landmark.


I have to say, my first few weeks in Dublin went pretty well. I had never traveled outside of the country prior to this, so it was definitely an adjustment. However, the city is full of such wonderful people and is pretty easy to figure out, as long as you’re open to it. That’s all for now! I have some fun blog ideas planned, so stay tuned to hear more!

Until next time,