Ball Season!!!

Hello everyone!

As I procrastinate my final essay for my last semester at Trinity, I figured I would share with you a fascinating tradition across campus that I had the honor of participating in. At the end of every school year, most student societies host an end of the year celebration known as a “ball”, where everyone gets dressed up and celebrates with their friends. So essentially, these past two months have been filled with these balls, accumulating what is known as “ball season”.


Unfortunately, Trinity’s Dance Society did not have a ball, however I had the pleasure of attending the ball for the Climbing Club, formally called “High Ball”. Dress code was black tie, and the event took place at the local pub that they always go to after climbing sessions. Of course, I had to go all out for this event, because getting the chance to attend a ball in Europe is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I picked out a gorgeous, emerald floor length dress, but skimped out on my heels (pulling a reverse Carrie Bradshaw). To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before arriving. All I knew was that I was going to be spending a fun night with my friends in fancy clothes. So, when I arrived at Moss Lane (the pub), I was blown away by the event that my friends were able to put together. The entire pub was booked out for the event, the place was packed with the members of the club, and there was delicious food and dancing that truly made the night. We danced the night away to trad music with a céilí, gave awards out to the nominated members of the club, and laughed the night away with amazing friends. Afterwards, we continued on dancing by making our way to The George, one of the famous clubs in Dublin, because the amazing club officers got us on a guest list. The entire night was a blast, and I am still blown away by how well put together the ball was.

However, High Ball was not the only ball I attended this season. The real star of the show is the annual Trinity Ball, held on campus by the campus for students and alumni. Just like all of the society balls, the dress code is black tie, so everyone dons floor length dresses and fitted suits. But this isn’t your average ball; it’s a full on music festival on campus. The entire campus gets shut down for the evening to prepare for this event. Imagine Coachella, but for one night rather than weekends, and on a prestigious college campus rather than in the desert. With everyone donning their gorgeous gowns and leather jackets, dancing up and down to the headliners, it was like something straight out of a movie. There were incredible performances by Kingfishr, horsegiirL, and so many more. To be completely honest, this night was a blur, but in the best way possible. I had so much fun running around the campus to watch different sets, bumping into friends amongst the crowds, and seeing the community come together to celebrate right before finals mode. There was so much excitement and joy in the air, not just from me but across the entire student body. 

I am so grateful to have gotten to experience a bit of Trinity’s ball season, as it truly added a new light to the wonder of the community. It was so much fun to spend time with my friends, dancing the night away in fancy dresses and celebrating for the sake of enjoying this past year. If I could go back and relive these moments, I would in a heartbeat. Sooo, thanks for reading about the joy that ball season gave me, as it was truly a massive highlight of my time abroad and is something I will not shut up about for the rest of my life (kidding…kinda).


Until next time,