The Dublin Diaries: Cheap Student Lunches

One of the best parts about living in a major city is getting to try a bunch of food. The beauty of going to Trinity is that the school is located in the heart of Dublin, which means that finding good food is no challenge. However, finding good food that fits into the budget of a student provides a challenge. Therefore, I decided to accumulate a list of some of my favorite cheap eats as a student, with the focus mostly being on good lunch food for in between classes.


MAJOR TIP: Join the Food & Drink Society. This society comes with a membership card that includes a bunch of discounts at restaurants and to-go spots all around campus. Helps with that student budget a lot!


Prime area on the list: Dawson Street.  One of the best locations for takeway lunch food right across from the Trinity Arts Building.

Starting off at my personal favorite spot: Carluccio’s. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I literally do not eat anywhere else. Every semester weekday from 12pm-2pm you can get a regular box of pasta for 5.50 or a large for 8.50.  It’s a Trinity staple, as the line is always out the door and you will see almost half of the students in the Arts building walking and eating their box of pasta during lunch time.

Picture of the speck pasta from Carluccio's
Carluccio’s, the love of my life

Next up: Tang. Perfect place to grab the most delicious Middle Eastern flatbreads (aka burritos) or salads for such an affordable price. My go-to is the chicken flatbread with regular hummus, all of their toppings (pickles, onions, lettuce, etc.), and tzatziki sauce. Perfect to hold while walking, but you will definitely want napkins to wipe up the sauce.

Picture of my spicy taco bowl from sprout
Spicy bean taco bowl from Sprout & Co.


And the final lunch stop on Dawson: Sprout & Co. One of the more healthier options, with delicious salads and bowls made from fresh ingredients. It’s super easy to place an order for pickup, and if you use the monthly food and drink code you get 15% off.



Next up are some of my favorite spots near campus but not on Dawson, as it doesn’t hurt to walk a little for good food.

First up: Mama’s Revenge. You know the craving you get for a burrito every once in a while? When you desperately need a giant meal in one go? This is the spot to hit. They use the best ingredients they can find for delicious burritos, and if you show your student card you get a free drink with purchase.

A bereal of me with my burrito from Mama's Revenge
A burrito Bereal

Next issss The Pig and Heifer. As a New York native, I was very skeptical when my friends suggested that we go to this New York Style deli. However, I decided to take a chance, and I am very glad that I did. Although it is not a true New York deli, the sandwiches are unbelievably delicious and hit the spot every time.

A picture of the Pig and Heifer menu
The Pig & Heifer menu!




Finally, the true Trinity staple: KC Peaches. This chain has multiple locations right around campus, always flocked with Trinity students. The lunch options here are various, satiating any craving you may have. They have salad bars, hot foods, bowls, soups, and pastries if you’re not feeling very hungry. In general, all students get 10% off here, but if you’re a member of the Trinity food & drink society, you get 12% off.


Finally, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention the on campus eateries I have experienced (although I believe you can find much better off campus for the same price).

The Buttery and the Dining Hall: two great options serving the same food for all Trinity students to enjoy. They have daily meals, and if you load up your student card with money you get 10% off your purchase!

The Perch: In the Arts building (which is where most of my classes are), this cafe also has a meal deal where you can get a sandwich, chips, and drink for 7.50, which is a great deal when you don’t want to leave the building.


Alas, those are not all of my food recommendations, just the lunch takeaway ones. But do not fret, as there will be more to come soon. For the time being, however, you now have a cheat sheet for the best lunches in Dublin for Trinity students on a budget!

Eat your little heart out,


First Weeks in Dublin

Welcome back everyone!

To kickstart this blog, I figured I would do a recap of my first few weeks in Dublin, talking about the move-in process and some fun adventures I did along the way. 

Photo of an Aer Lingus screen from my plane saying "Thank you for Flying"
Photo of my screen from my flight to Ireland

My mom and my uncle flew with me to move me in to the start of this lovely academic year. We took an overnight flight from JFK to Dublin Airport, which meant we landed two days before the start of the Semester-Start Up Program (this is an early start class Trinity runs for students before the semester). This year, HC students were put into very nice accommodations about a 20 minute walk away from campus. Although it would have been nice to live on campus, this accommodation is super nice and also allowed me to get to know other parts of the city well. My biggest advice for those who do this program is to buy everything here, because it is so easy to grab everything you need from home stores like Dunnes and TKMaxx. If you find any of the student packages online that can be sent to your accommodations, do not buy them, because chances are they won’t come in time (unfortunately I’m speaking from experience). 

Photo of Trim Castle in Ireland
Photo of Trim Castle in Ireland

So after we gathered bedding and towels and toiletries despite the package hiccup, we explored the city a little bit, and I prepped for my first week of the Start-Up Program. This week was great, as we learned a lot about Irish history and were taken on a field trip to Trim Castle, which is where my header picture is from! I met some amazing people from all over, including Canada, Australia, and a lot of Americans from various states.



Photo of the Notre Dame marching band during halftime at Aviva Stadium in Dublin
ND marching band during halftime

Once my mom and uncle left, my dad and some extended family members flew to Dublin for a very exciting American football game. Notre Dame football was playing Navy at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, and my family ensured that they bought tickets when they found out I was applying to study abroad at Trinity. 



Photo from the boygenius concert in Dublin
Boygenius live

On top of an American football game, I went to a concert at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital venue! Back in April, I bought concert tickets to see boygenius with my HC friend doing the same study abroad program. By the time the concert rolled around, we managed to convince a bunch of our friends we met from the Semester-Start Up to also buy tickets, so we all had a blast together listening to some great music at a historic landmark.


I have to say, my first few weeks in Dublin went pretty well. I had never traveled outside of the country prior to this, so it was definitely an adjustment. However, the city is full of such wonderful people and is pretty easy to figure out, as long as you’re open to it. That’s all for now! I have some fun blog ideas planned, so stay tuned to hear more!

Until next time,


Introducing Me!

Hello everyone and greetings from Dublin! My name is Emilee and I’m currently writing this from the Arts Block at Trinity College Dublin (TCD for short). I’m starting this blog exactly 3 months and 5 days after living in Dublin, which is super exciting, and I can’t wait to share all that has happened thus far. But before jumping in, I figured I would write this introductory post to let you know a little bit about me and the program.

Emilee at Trinity College Dublin in front of the Campanile
In Front of the Campanile!

I’m currently a third year Psychology, Statistics, and Pre-Business student at Holy Cross who choreographs for Dance Ensemble. However at Trinity, I’m studying Psychology, Art History, and Religion as a way to get the rest of my Common Area requirements completed. That was part of the reason that I chose to study at Trinity, as it allows me to take classes (which they call ‘modules’ here) that align with my academic requirements. Other than meeting my academic needs, Trinity also has so many clubs (called ‘societies’) that align with my extracurricular interests. For instance, I’m a member of DUDance as a member of the Contemporary competition team and a member of FilmSoc, which has weekly movie showings. These have allowed me to really experience the school culture not just in the classroom but also in everyday life.

Photo of St. Patrick's Cathedral as the sun is setting
St. Patrick’s Cathedral on my walk home from school


Beyond the school itself, living in Ireland, specifically Dublin, has been such a dream. The Semester Start-Up Program we did prior to classes and the Holy Cross Cultural Advisors have been amazing at showing us Holy Cross students around both Dublin and Ireland, through different field trips and shows. These past three months have been so joyful and fun-filled, I cannot wait to share it all with you.



Photo of a building in Dublin during sunset. Blue skies on top fade into orange and pink.
Dublin during sunset


In the meantime, that’s a little bit about me and a brief overview of Trinity! I’ll be keeping this blog updated as much as I can with different topics and stories about my time abroad, so stay tuned for more.



Until next time,